The lost city of Tennessee: An Insure Tennessee Fable

Thinking a lot about those waiting and hoping they can make the wait

Hopeworks Community

There was once a great city in Tennessee long since gone. It was a large city, the third largest in the state, 280,000 people. Although great in number it was a poor city. All of its inhabitants were below 138% of poverty. None had any kind of health insurance. Sickness was normal for there was no way to keep people well. They once had many hospitals but all had closed. No one, no way to pay the bills. They closed and the buildings stood empty, museums to what once was and was no longer. The people were hard working people. Many had 2 or 3 jobs but still no insurance. New industry no longer came there. Industry was about making people rich and this city was about being trapped in poor. Besides no one wanted to employ somewhere with no doctors or hospitals. It was a city without hope. Peopleā€¦

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