Beyond Murphy: Towards a better place

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Hopeworks Community

The Murphy Bill whether it passes or not will not be the final verdict on the mental health system.   That is on us.

In about 10 days I hope to run a series of posts entitled “Beyond Murphy: Towards a better place… “ Some of the possible topics that might fall into it are: the Murphy Bill, the costs of the medical model, limits of diagnosis, effective advocacy, building a consensus for change, the reality of recovery, is an honest mental health system possible, is mental health about more than one thing, human rights and mental health, hope, the ethics of treatment, and the ethics of advocacy. There are many other topics that might fall into this general rubric.

I am looking for I hope 10-14 people who might be interested in doing a guest blog on Hopeworks Community to cover this topic. My hope would be to have a…

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