On hunger


If the article above doesn’t make you mad something is wrong, very wrong. It is a big deal, a very big deal. As a planned effect of governmental policy 1 million people beginning in January will go hungry. It may actually be a lot more than that. Reading the article I was not sure whether or not that number includes their children or not. What we we say if an African or Middle Eastern country announced a similar policy tomorrow?

Every Republican in Congress would have a speech to make tomorrow.

Ever wonder how many Americans will go to bed hungry tonight?

It is not a going to happen tragedy. It is a right now, today, tonight tragedy. Tennessee has figured out that over 280,000 people go without insurance. I wonder how many go without food,

You know you are not supposed to say you are hungry. It is bad manners I guess. Maybe it marks you as a failure. Maybe it makes you look like a whiner or beggar. I don’t know. Maybe it is long since time not to be quiet.

I am hungry and tomorrow I will be hungrier. It is not a momentary situation. It is normal and I am used to it. It is not happening because the system is broken or someone is not doing their job. It is happening because the system is not broken and people are doing exactly what they are supposed to do.

When Linda and I separated we learned more about poverty than we ever thought we would know. And we learned that poverty often meant being hungry in ways we didn’t want other people to know about. We learned that hunger and shame go together.

Linda qualifies for $12 of food stamps. I qualify for $8 (in Tennessee they don’t send you any if you don’t qualify for at least $10). We don’t have money to buy food. Sometimes I am able to spend $30 or $40 for a month. Linda often can’t.

We survive on food banks. The best one we go to people normally start lining up for 3 or 4 hours before it opens to make sure something is left when their turn comes. We have come to know a lot of hungry people. People who get sick, people with disabilities, homeless people, deserted people. Often just old people. Mostly ordinary people caught in miserable circumstances.

We are almost out of food. I have come back to Maryville tonight. There are 3 food banks open here tomorrow and I hope I can buy us a week.

Hunger should not be public policy. When I hear Donald Trump talk about making America great I can’t help but wonder if he has thought of making it good first.


One thought on “On hunger”

  1. The Obscene Profits Of The Drug And Health Insurance Companies
    Author: siggy

    The obscene profits of the drug and health insurance companies are immoral. Think about it?! They are profiting royally from your illnesses from you being sick. I read a whole book about other countries that have national health insurance and in each case the profits of such companies were limited. We do not do that in this country. There was some attempts to do so when Obama created his bill during his first term but the pockets of these companies are “pretty deep.” and they did everything in their power to eliminate restraints on these profits. It comes down to one thing: “Are we our brothers’ keeper?!”

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