Disdain and contempt: on the futility of noise

An old post. Sadly more true

Hopeworks Community

Much of our public discourse has come down to an argument about who deserves our contempt. Sometimes it seems that believing anything means nurturing a deep personal disdain for those who disagree with us. Conversation about important things is a matter of who calls the most names in the most convincing fashion. In our zeal to doubt the integrity of others, we ignore that the labeling and stigma we apply to others leaves our own integrity in sad repair.

All is noise, and in the frantic attempts we make to turn the volume up, the answers we seek seem more illusion than real. Our “truths” no longer bring us closer together, but seperate us into opposing camps where we comfort ourselves with pretensions of purity and purpose.

Ideology has replaced ideas and what we believe we know is not important because of what it tells us about the world, but…

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