What if it were true…..

An old post…. But what if it was true

Hopeworks Community

I have a arm bracelet that says,   “Every life matters…”  What if it was true?

If it was true then….

we would not be pre-occupied with how to label people or afraid of how they will label us.

the value of  kindness would be something we didnt have to prove, because it would be self evident.

politics would be more than name calling and noise.

radio and TV personalities would be judged by something else than the total disdain they have for people who dont agree with them.

women would be more than pieces of meat.

men would not have to count how many times they “make it” in order to make sure they are men.

groups would be judged by how they treat people  outside of the group instead  of how they keep people outside of the group.

we would know people by more than the names we call…

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