My Southern heritage

I just listened to Donald Trump pandering to a racist the night after the debate. On live TV for all to hear. Made me think about this post

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I spent a lot of time as a child in Charleston. My dad was in the Air Force, but my mother was from Charleston and it was as much home as anywhere else. I have listened to people talk about their “southern heritage” and how taking down the Confederate flag threatens that heritage. I also had a southern heritage…

I remember when I was 6 or 7 going to a store with my mom in Charleston. I remember 3 doors: white men, white women, and colored. I remember asking her why. I could not imagine her being mean to anyone. She stammered for a minute. “It is just the way things are…. “ Those doors were part of my Southern heritage.

I remember my uncle telling me how bad blacks smelled and how lazy they were with his black maid working in the next room. The word he used started…

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