No easy season of compassion

This will not be an easy season of compassion.

It will be difficult in the atmosphere of a presidential campaign fueled by out-Trumping Trump and anti-Obama posturing to say that 280000 uninsured Tennesseans matter. In a state where Republican leaders seem to already be celebrating an anticipatory relief from the expectations of the ACA it will be difficult to say Insure Tennessee. In a state where the governor has shown no appetite for difficult battle and is perhaps eager to be considered as a vice presidential candidate the leadership needed to make Insure Tennessee reality may be more illusion than real.

Many people have said there is no decision to be made. It is made. Despite the support of the people, the financial common sense, despite the moral imperative of the issue the political interests of those making the decisions will take precedence over the welfare of those they supposedly serve.

It will not be an easy season of compassion. Many people will suffer. Somebody will die. The financial catastrophe of uncompensated care will continue and you wonder which community will be next to find out that it’s hospital has closed.

I don’t know who will win the political battle ahead. I fear though there will be 280000 losers.


2 thoughts on “No easy season of compassion”

  1. He can do like Kathleen Sebelius, formerly of Kansas — she passed the legislation to raise the state’s minimum wage then resigned to go to DC. So, pass the legislation that the ordinary people need & let his successor deal with financing/enforcing the legislation.

  2. The inequity in healthcare access is staggering. We desperately need a single-payer national health insurance program. Why as a people are we so opposed to this change? It would be good for the whole country in many ways. I continue to work for Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. Please look at the website for Physicians for a National Health Program,, and add your voices.
    Art Sutherland, M.D.

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