More on Beyond Murphy

I recently talked about a new feature on this blog “Beyond Murphy …”  I asked for guest bloggers to share something of their vision of a mental health system better and more humane.  That series will begin being posted on Monday September 29.  Several people have submitted posts.  Several others have indicated they are working on them.  If you are interested I have both space available for you and time to consider your ideas.

The door is not closed.  We can help define the future,  I hope you will read and be part of this series.

So far the following people have had posts accepted:

Darby Penney….trauma informed peer support
Kathy Flaherty….recovery and advocacy
Sarah Knutson….a alternative to the medical model
Sharon Cretsinger…..The limits of diagnosis
Marilyn Welton… tragedies

Please let me hear from you…..

I look forward to the 28th and hope you will share with others,


One thought on “More on Beyond Murphy”

  1. Dear Larry, excellent work. I welcome the opportunity to support your work and this blog. Let me know how I can help. Best regards, Jen Padron/

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