Has anything been won?

A long ago post…. We won not because we won a battle but because we started a war

Hopeworks Community

This is a difficult post to write..

The news tonight has not been great. Both Senator Ramsey and Rep Harrell have statements in the paper tonight saying they do not have the power to suspend the rules and call Insure Tennessee to the floor. It takes, they say, a vote of the members. My response is great. Call the roll. Just call the roll. But the fight is uphill without question. Neither has shown any indication they want a vote. I wonder if their statements were more about what they won’t do rather than what they can do.

For me it is immense personal tragedy. Linda and I will be separated for probably 2 more years if things go as they appear. 2 years. And that is if all goes right. I don’t know right now how we will do two years. I don’t know. I hope for a roll…

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