Exactly why isn’t there a Murphy Law: meditation on mystery

Sometimes we miss the most obvious questions.  The Murphy Bill is a mystery but exactly why is there not a Murphy Law.  That is a much bigger question.  Why?

The short answer is I don’t know.  What follows is much more questions than answers but it seems something worth thinking about.

Look at the reasons Murphy should have won by now:

1.The bill was a response to a huge tragedy.  It basically mirrored what many were already saying.  It told us what happened, who was to blame and what could be done.  On top of it all it absolved guns from blame or discussion.

2. Rep. Murphy was a certified expert (the only living psychologist in the Congress) and he could speak from the voice of experience.  Who could argue?

3.  His alliance with Dr. Torrey gave him a ready made crowd of family members who were ready, eager and enthusiastic to share their stories, testimony and support with anyone they were pointed towards.

4.  There were a string of other tragedies that Rep Murphy made sure everyone knew would not have happened if his Bill had been passed.

5.  There was a collection of high profile magazines or sites that basically published everything Dr. Torrey or Mr. Jaffe said rather it made much sense or not.  We even got to hear about fruit smoothies.  The bill got maximum exposure, maybe more than maximum.

6.  Several major organizations or groups spoke out in favor of the bill.  Again maximum exposure.

7.  The bill had 108 co sponsors.

8.  Particularly this year the opposition to the bill was split.

9.  Rep Kennedy became one of its poster children this year.  Who could have possibly been higher impact?

10.  The Republicans had a great majority and could have passed any Bill they wanted  and how could there have been a deal they greater wanted (or so you might think).

And that is only the first ten reasons I could think of that we should have had a Murphy Law by now.

So why don’t we?

Obviously there is trouble in river city.  The Republican leadership wants a bipartisan bill and the Democratic leadership has problems with many of the provisions.  That is probably the place to start.  I have written in other posts about some of the stumbling blocks the bill is facing.

The bottom line is this.  There is a problem and that problem presents an opportunity.  With every reason for the issue to be decided it isn’t.  What we do matters.  Speak.  Please act.

The link below shows you a way to do that.  Please act.


Spread the word and ask others to spread the word. It makes a difference.


2 thoughts on “Exactly why isn’t there a Murphy Law: meditation on mystery”

  1. firstly, I know nothing about this except what I can extract from this blog. secondly, it appears that even some republican politicians have admitted that their primary goal since president Obama has been president has been to sabotage and boycott whatever the democrats propose. from what I have seen I think that is the case. thirdly, deriving from the previous point I would not hold my breath that republicans promote, let alone push any initiative simply because it’s sensible. add that their stakes may be in a different camp…

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