Because my life is more in control does not mean I am in control of life

Because my life is more in control does not mean I am more in control of life   Doing everything right does not make everything right.  We too often get caught up in some kind of weird prosperity gospel thinking that everything is about knowing the right things, doing the right things and trying hard enough.  We like to tell people who are in inconvenient misery that is true.  Try harder.  Don’t ask me.  Try harder.  You made your own mess.

Every poor person knows what it means to be told this…

Everyone with a disability knows…

Every person who doesn’t fit in knows….

And anyone who thinks that injustice matters  has also been told.

There is real injustice in this world that has nothing to do with how hard you try or how responsible you are.  What happens is important.  It is why a purely medical model of treatment will always be inadequate.  We live with other people and it matters.  For better or worse it matters.

A friend once told me this.  “The biggest problem with the medical model is not whether it is accurate or not..It is just so damn naive sometimes it is scary.”

Sometimes it is not just injustice.  Tragedy is also real and needs no reason or no one to blame.  Bad things happen because bad things happen.  If that hasn’t been true for you in some way it just hasn’t been true yet.

It is worthwhile to make life better and trying to make it better is more than the purpose of life.  It is life.

But sometimes it seems like the only question is not whether or not life is better.  That seems beyond our efforts.  Sometimes it is only a question of whether or not we will be better.  Someone told me the things that get in life’s way are not in the way.  They are the way.  Perhaps sometimes victory is not winning but continuing to struggle,

I don’t know.  Things are hard for me right now and I wonder.  I really wish things were easier and have to work hard to remember better things are far more than what is easy and what is not.


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