You will be called many things in life but you are none of the things that you are called.  The labels, the words, the names that people attach to us are only a description of something about you and often an incomplete or inaccurate one.  The fish is more than the net it is caught in.  The rainbow is more than the colors within it.  You are beyond capture, beyond word, beyond phrase.

Too often we count ourselves as the boxes others try to place you in.  We waste our energy and passion in trying to find the best boxes.  We are not the collection of our parts, no matter how you describe or order those parts.  You are more.

Do not be limited by what you call yourself or what others call you.  Reach out, not to what “you are” but to what you can be.  Dont describe your journey by a spot in the road.  Life is not a place to be found, but a journey to undertake.  Have courage and know the capacity to travel that journey is within you no matter what limits, hardships, or hurdles the road may have.


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