When it is fourth down…. Punt

The most sure thing I know is that plans rarely go as planned.   Life seems often to be full of fourth downs. And sometimes punting is okay (apologies to the football illiterate).   I am punting.

I had planned to run the series on “Beyond Murphy”  tomorrow.   Many people have made excellent contributions and I am very grateful for those.   The problem is me.   I am just not ready.   It has been  a week…. Well it  has just been a week.   I am sure you have them too.

Instead of tomorrow the series will be posted a week from tomorrow.   Several people also told me they had a week too and perhaps with some extra time maybe they can add something too.   I don’t know but I hope so.

I very much like the idea of Hopeworks Community being about conversation and am very excited about doing this. I have recently made a couple of posts about peer support and would be very interested in 3 or 4 weeks in doing a similar series of guest posts about that if enough people are interested.   Please let me  know.   Participation in one series would not affect participation in another if you are interested….

Thanks for your patience and interest.


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