The Murphy Bill war with the Murphy Bill

Trying to find sense in not making sense

Hopeworks Community

One of the the biggest dangers to the Murphy Bill is the Murphy Bill.  It has internal contradictions that are absolute dazzling and leaves you wondering what in the world he really believes.

The most well known part of his message is the “mental health system sucks” part. We spend too much money on people who dont need that much help and far too little on those who do. We havent just robbed Peter to pay Paul. We have abandoned him.

Blame is normally placed on “mental health advocates,” “psychiatric survivors,” or mental health providers. Murphy, Torrey, and company are the appointed guardians and saviors of the victimized- “the severely mentally ill.”

But there is a complication. One of their sacred interventions is AOT…the commitment of people to involuntary outpatient treatment. It is we are told life-saving. The question is how commitment to something that sucks is a good thing…

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