The Republican Captivity

I do not write as much as I used to about health care reform in Tennessee because I get to rage so quick and I hate that but with some reservation here goes.

Health care reform in Tennessee has been kidnapped.   It does not mean people are not talking about it.   They are.   It does not mean that people don’t care.   They do. It doesn’t mean there are not people on both sides of the political aisles  that would like to see Insure Tennessee become real.   There are.   It does not mean writing about it, talking about it, shouting about and praying about it doesn’t matter.   It does.

Insure Tennessee has been kidnapped by Ron Ramsey and is being held captive to the Republican Presidential Campaign. He says no chance this year and seems to really hope it is not even brought up. The odds I believe if we cannot effect a hostage rescue is that Insure Tennessee will be dead this year and perhaps longer.

In Ramsey’s view Obama will soon be gone and he thinks the smart deal is to count on a Republican president to give Tennessee a better deal. Before you say but Insure Tennessee will not cost anything I don’t think this is just about cost. He wants a Republican president to agree to allow Tennessee to do less. Serve less people with less services…. That is what all that block grant stuff is about.

I don’t know if Ramsey anticipated the chaotic circus the Republican campaign would become. Who do you want making decisions about health care in Tennessee : Donald Trump????? Ted Cruz????? Marco Rubio????? Ben Carson????? Carly Fiorina?????

If we don’t rescue Insure she will die in captivity. If it is about people I think there is a gate… perhaps a narrow one… to victory. If it is about politics I don’t see the same gate.

Bill Haslam has left the building. Ron Ramsey thinks he owns the building. It is time for 280,000 tenants to be heard…

Thanks for listening….


2 thoughts on “The Republican Captivity”

  1. I am wondering if TN is as penetrated by ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) as Wisconsin is. They write sample bills and give Republicans their marching orders on behalf of a lot of corporate sponsors. Most of WI’s legislature are members.

    Also, many Republican leaning voters have bought in to the image of Democrats-support-expensive-social-programs and take information that lots of cuts are being made to education, healthcare, etc., and people are suffering as a Good Thing. They don’t check the details and find out that actually millions are being thrown away on tax cuts and other giveaways to wealthy individuals. They just assume that if you are cutting social programs, you must be fiscally responsible. At least that is a lot of what I’m seeing in Wisconsin.

  2. ALEC really is a threat to our democracy. Contact your state legislators and ask them if they are ALEC members- if so, ask them to resign that membership and work for the common good of the people they represent (like they should be doing).

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