The Day of Action: Why you should act

Tomorrow is “the day of action”  and it has never been more important you act….

Mental health advocacy has historically been more about mental health providers or professionals or people with some other kind of stake explaining why they can and should speak for the welfare of those people in distress,  those people with mental health issues,  those people who  enter the mental health system looking for help.   Too often they simply assume that their interests and the interests of those they serve are one and the same.

Tomorrow is about your voice,  your story. Many professionals do object to this bill and many will speak tomorrow.   But none come from your place,  from your heart,  from your experience. It is important that you speak.   It is important that you testify to the truth of  your life,  your experience,  your needs.

I asked a friend who was in a very long sit in once why.  Why???  Why did you take the risk?   Why did you speak?

I will never forget what he said:

Someone had to say it.   We are people too and this is wrong.   We are people too and this is wrong…..

The Murphy Bill is wrong.   In the end it hurts those it claims to help.

And it is time the people hurt say it now… Say it loud… Say it often.

Make sure every friend you have knows about tomorrow.   They are needed.   You are needed.   We are all needed.

Please act.   Tell others.

Remember :



One thought on “The Day of Action: Why you should act”

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