On the theft of Murphy

Beyond Murphy ends with one late addition.   My friend Gabe Howard has sent the following post for inclusion.   It was printed earlier today on the psych central blog where you may have already read it.

His post like all those printed in the last two days is important.   He makes a very key point which is not always made.

The Murphy Bill tries, in effect,  to steal the narrative of the mental health system. He tells one story and says that is the only true story. He tells others that they are “worried well” and their stories are not valid, not true, not real. He says his story is the only one to pay attention to, the only one really deserving attention and concern. And that is experienced as violence and dismissive prejudice by thousands and thousands of people who wonder who he is to pass judgment on them. And when he then tries to pass all this of as a needed reform of the mental health system all they can do is raise their voice in protest and ask why he thinks he speaks for them.

Gabe’s post says it better than I can. It follows next.


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