The scam of the Murphy Bill : Ask for a real solution

The Murphy Bill is not just a bad solution.   It is no solution.   That is the real cruelty of it. It promises the transformation of the mental health system at the top of its lungs but leaves change still born.

Even on its own terms it fails.

It would repeal the IMD exclusion and allow more money to be spent on more psychiatric hospitalization.


The infrastructure that would be required in most states to make this happen doesn’t exist.   The hospital space,  the  employees… all the many, many things it would take to make this go from idea to reality don’t exist.   It would take a massive capital investment from states to make this a reality and that can only happen by taking money from existing programs.   Is there a state in the country willing to do that?   One?? 

Murphy says that the jails are full  because there are not enough hospital beds and then would sell us ocean front property in Arizona to solve the problem.   It is not,  never will be,  never can be the answer Murphy promises.

It is political mumbo jumbo.   A scam. And a cruel one…..

It promises AOT as its other twin tower of redemption….


Most states already have AOT.   In most states it is at best a supplemental program.   It is not a core element of system change.   It costs too much money and in the scheme of things serves relatively few people.

And even if you believe in AOT and think it is from God this bill leaves a big question out.   It matters what you commit people to.   Most states are program poor and this bill doesn’t recognize that let alone change that. (And if they destroy their community systems to finance their hospitals they will be more program poor).

Act today.   Tell your legislator to vote no on Murphy.

Tell them you want real solutions to real problems and not one more song and dance.


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