On the day after “the day”

Yesterday was the day of action sponsored by “the campaign for real mental health change.”   Many of you took part in it.   I doubt it will be the verdict on the Murphy Bill but it was at least a declaration to those who thought there was no real battle that there was indeed a war.

Personally I thought as important as what was said about the Murphy Bill  was what the “day” said about us.   People who disagreed and who sometimes disagreed substantially came together in common action.   It showed me that action was possible.   Like many I had begun to wonder.   And it gave me hope that this could be about more than one day.

Please do not stop contacting your legislators.   Be a persistent and present voice.   It makes a difference.   One friend who worked in a legislators office told me that if they get more than  20 contacts on a particular issue they took notice.  Just 20.  Take a minute please.   Call again.   And if you only do one thing…. If you only have time for one thing call the office of Rep. Fred Upton.   He is the chairman of the committee Murphy must get out of to go further.   His reluctance to  allow that is the biggest single reason there is still a Murphy Bill and not a Murphy Law.   If nothing else say  “thank you.”

It would be a few minutes well spent.

Be liberal in your praise. So many people did so good. Praise is hard for many of us but it is so deserved.

The real importance of any day is in what it means for the days that follow. I hope… I think…. I believe that yesterday can make a difference. It is on us.

Thanks to each of you. You matter.


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