On becoming politically effective

Much thanks to the many people who either submitted guest posts or who read the recent feature “Beyond Murphy”. All the posts seemed to have gotten good response and most of the feedback I have received is positive.

I hope in 3 or 4 weeks to run another series if enough people are interested enough to submit guest posts. If you are interested please let me know.

The topic of this post is advocacy : “Can this movement be an effective force for political change?”

Part of the reason for this topic is the hope to continue the momentum from the recent “day of action.”

Some of the questions I would be interested in seeing addressed include :

1. Are we effective now? How?

2. What are our greatest strengths? Greatest weaknesses??

3. Are there enough people involved to be an effective political presence? Are there coalitions we should seek to develop?

4. Is being an effective political presence even important?

5. How much do internal differences or conflict effect the impact we wish to have on the wider political system?

6. What are our political goals? How can we frame them in terms likely to resonate with legislators?

7. Do we have natural allies we need to reach out to?

8. Where do efforts at political advocacy need to concentrate?

9. How should or does the presidential campaign influence advocacy?

10. What is the best way to address the issue of guns/violence /mental health?

11. What is the best strategy to approach the issue of forced or coercive treatment?

12. What is our best chance to make a difference?

13. What concern is most likely to not be impacted by political advocacy?

14. If the Murphy Bill is passed????????
15. Is national or state advocacy the most needed point of emphasis?

16. What can we do about AOT? What arguments are most likely to make a difference?

17. Some people believe advocacy should be about human rights… Others would include increased access to services… others would include more and more effective services. Some include all. Some include some mixture of the 3. Where do you stand? Do these things complement each other? Or does working on one exclude working on others?

18. To what extent should stigma be the focus of advocacy?

19. Is there an ethics to advocacy? What is it?

20. What is the chance of making things better? What is the key?

Obviously many of these questions are related and could be addressed in one post. Let me know if you are interested in talking part in this feature. All views are welcome. No one has to agree with anyone else. Please share this post with others you think might be interested.



One thought on “On becoming politically effective”

  1. The thought of the Murphy Bill passing is not something i am ready to entertain. Passing of Murphy Bill would mean that everyone who ever had a diagnoses no matter how minor would be subject to losing thier rights. 1 out of 4 people in America are said to have mental illness. What that simply means is that if a person had ever recieved counseling or a sedative for any reason that was paid to a mental health proffesional or by insurence for the purpose of a mental health service. Over a life time many americans get counseling of some sort. In A world under Murphy’s law the stigma would be crushing. California 1194 just passed such a law. In such a world people will not seek services out of fear. That fear is great. Once a person is in involuntary outpatiend commitment that is in the bill you no longer have rights around treatment. Treatment can be mandated even if you do not have the money to pay. Treatment can be mandated and be in conflict with your health condition or other treatments you are receiving. These treatment can extend to other deemed social benficial activities. A person can be required to attend programs and meetings that interfere with persons ability to function in work and other relationships. The courts and proffesionals will have no liability for injury to you and others because of thes court mandated activities.
    A miserable outcome that ony will benefit hospitals and future detention units that will make money off of this bill and the likes the large pharmaceutical industry which is on the ropes. A large number of dollars and programs that now go to local counties and small towns are all in jeopardy.Why for a take over of the government by behaviorial Healh. This bill establishes a over government that touches all branches of the government. Bases on a false premise that their is a legion of killers that can be readily identifed. Its been 70 years since we have seen laws passed to aid in a large system of detaiing and with efficent method of eliminating people. The SS first started with the mentall ill.

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