Start at the beginning

We start so often from the wrong place and easily find ourselves in places we wish not to be.

You matter.  Irrespective of age, sex, social status, money, personal accomplishments, ethnic or cultural background– you matter.

Life is meant to be the celebration of that significance, not an endless and fruitless search for the existence of that significance.  It is meant for you to take the talents, interests, and passions that are you and find a way plant the seeds that give birth to the life you deserve and were destined to live.  You are a valued and important part of a larger tapestry and life is your contribution to that picture.

Celebrate your unique significance.  Nurture your talents and interests.  Cherish your values and passions.  Know that in caring for others you find your greatest affirmation.  Know that caring for yourself and caring for others are not an opposition, but a unity that takes you deeper and deeper towards a life of real meaning and completion.

Dont chase something you already have.  The days are numbered for all of us.  Celebrate.  Celebrate the gift of you, the gift of others and the gift of life you are given.  Start at the beginning.


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