On guns as disaster


The United States has been kidnapped.
If disasters are to be judged by the loss of human life we are held hostage by a policy that is empirically the source of the single greatest disaster in American history. As the article linked above states we have killed more of each other, more of our families, and more of our friends in the last 40 years with guns than all the wars or armed conflicts in American history.

In the last couple of weeks has come the news that an 11 year old boy shot and killed a little girl because she did not want him to play with her puppy…

And there are people who believe that you can talk about the problem of violence in this country without talking about guns. We shoot 30,000 people a year and we can talk about that without talking about guns??????

30,000 people. That is the equivalent of taking the entire population of the town I live in and lining them up and then shooting them one by one.

We are told it is the criminals but the rate of violent crime has dropped and few of the 30,000 die in the commission of violent crimes.

We are told it is a phenomenon of mental illness but the vast majority of shootings have nothing to do with mental health. Anger is not a mental illness and angry people shoot people. We have no shortage of angry people with guns.

If the virtually unrestricted possession of guns is about freedom is the argument that 30000 deaths a year are the price of freedom? We would not accept that as an argument in any war we have fought. Are we okay with the idea that the most dangerous enemy of our country was not any enemy we fought in war but instead our neighbors and friends?

When the next mass shooting occurs we will have the same national discussion we had with the last mass shooting and the odds are do the same thing which was nothing we did last time also. And then we will be outraged that nothing changes .

If a drug killed 30000 Americans in one year we would spare no expense to outlaw it.

If terrorists killed 30000 there would be no terrorists left standing.

If a natural disaster killed 30000 it would be the greatest disaster ever.

When we kill 30000 it is a small sacrifice for freedom and any attempt to decrease the casualty list is a threat to all our rights.

We have been kidnapped. And they do shoot the hostages.

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