How do you convince someone to become an advocate

Based on an earlier post

1.  Hope and encourage.  You must convince people things can get better.  You must have a narrative, a story that plausibly, realistically, relevantly and effectively ties what you are in favor of with things getting better.  It has to be possible and realistic for things to get better and what you advocate must be part of things getting better.

2.  Empower.  You must convince people what they do matters.  Somehow through their actions people must come to believe they are part of things better.  People must see their efforts as having potency.

3.  Equip and educate.  People must believe that they can learn the skills and tools to make a difference.  They must believe that you will help them to become effective and enable them to grow to become even more effective.  You must make success a real and tangible possibility.

4.  Support.  People must know that they will be supported in both their efforts and as a person.  They will not believe they are important if you do not treat them as important.

5. Confirm.  They must come to believe all the effort and connection is worthwhile and purposeful.  They must believe that their role is meaningful, their effort worthwhile and their cause important.


To the degree you are unsuccessful in these things successful advocacy for even the most important and valued causes will prove elusive or even impossible.


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