On learning you are not God: a fable for an unnamed psychiatrist

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Hopeworks Community

There once was a man who thought he was God.  He thought he created everything, knew everything and created everything.  His family knew he was “crazy” and took him to a doctor.  He listened to the doctor and told the doctor not to worry that he would forgive him of his many sins.  The doctor was not amused.

He told the family that it was worse than they thought.  He was not just crazy… He was seriously crazy.  He needed to go to a hospital.   The hospital, he said, had a psychiatrist who specialized in “seriously crazy people.”  In fact the doctor told them he might be the best psychiatrist in the world for “seriously crazy people.”

They talked to a judge and the judge agreed.  “Anyone who thinks they are God needs services for “seriously crazy people,”

He went to the hospital and they started to assess him.  The…

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