Where does Murphy really stand


The Murphy Bill as written will probably not make it out of the House. Please read the article linked above.

The Murphy Bill is neither inevitable or invincible. There is significant conflict with the Democrats on the committee. There was a big blow up in July between Murphy and the Democrats because the Democrats sat and listened to peers about their concerns. There is considerable doubt by the Democrats they can work with Murphy.

At the end of the article Rep Upton who is the real power in this states what he wants: he wants a bill that addresses Democratic concerns, he starting point is the Murphy Bill but he is willing to bend, there will be a process of negotiation and most importantly Murphy will not be the lead negotiator in this process. Literally they doubt his ability or willingness to work with others.

We can make a difference. Contact democratic members of the committee, particularly Rep. Frank Pallone, and share your concerns. Let them know you support them.

It is important to act still. Don’t stop at one day of action. Rep. Murphy is very far from all powerful. Major problems still exist for his bill.

Make a difference. Call today. Email today..

Act. Stop the Murphy Bill.


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