Do they get it… Reactions to the Democratic debate

First of all let me say I Iike Bernie Sanders.   More than any other candidate he speaks about issues in a way that resonant with me.   I don’t know if I trust Hilary Clinton.   I suspect many people feel the same way.  The other guys….. well they are the other guys.

(A note…. I  was impressed with Martin O’Malley.   He had the best strategy.   Agree with Hilary or Bernie  and then say “We are already doing that in my state….)

With all that being said I  thought Hilary won and I  wasn’t sure if it was really close.   I thought she sounded more on top of things.   I could see someone who didn’t  necessarily like her or trust her saying she beat the hell out of the options.   Although I badly want to believe the same out of Bernie Sanders I just wasn’t sure.

I  think the Democratic strategy is in part going to  be to stay out of the way and let me the Republicans lose and I wasn’t sure how good he would be at that.   I  think Bernie might be a better choice.   I am not certain he is more likely to win and nothing I heard convinced me otherwise.

On mental health I didn’t think any of them got it.   Not even close.  Sanders linking mental health with gun violence dismayed me. I really hoped for far more.   I saw no indication that any of them saw mental health as having anything to do with human rights.

I  was disappointed that Sanders tried to defend his record on guns by reference to political realism while on every other issue he castigated others who put political realism above principles.   Maybe I  missed the point but that is what I  thought.

I liked what Hilary said about guns.   I think part of mental health not being the get the NRA off the hook scapegoat is a real policy on guns and I thought she had that (Martin O’Malley would tell you he is already doing it in Maryland.). I liked her passion.

One of my questions was rather any of them had the potential to be a leader in mental health and just didn’t see it. Perhaps at this point in the process it just isn’t on their radar I don’t know.

At best it was maybe a preseason game and much is yet to come. I heard a lot I liked…. Just not all I hoped.
One big positive. After listening to the Republican debates I thought there was a real chance the next president might not be an adult. I feel like the chances of electing an adult are much better now


One thought on “Do they get it… Reactions to the Democratic debate”

  1. You are correct in pointing out that no one addressed the issues of mental health in the debate – except when Bernie (cringe) connected it with gun violence.

    For me, however, that was NOT a deal-breaker. Bernie is a person who actually LISTENS to people/groups when they talk to/with him. Just look at the way he responded to the Black Lives Matter people/campaign! In other words, Bernie is trainable and flexible. I do not see Hillary as being very trainable or flexible – although she certainly is giving lip service to the Progressive movement/ideals of America.

    Larry – it is up to we – the people who have experienced the system firsthand – to set Bernie straight on this issue. I firmly believe he would change his overall assessment about ‘gun violence and mental illness’ if he actually had the chance to learn from individuals like us. Presently, all he knows/hears about it is “mass gun shootings equal ‘crazy’ person!”

    My son was born in Burlington, Vermont in 1991. Bernie was a Congressman at the time. All of my pre-natal, birth and post-natal care were 100% paid by the State of Vermont! And I was considered high risk – meaning lots of extra doctor visits – during my pregnancy. Not only that, all of my son’s healthcare needs were 100% paid – as were all children of the State – until they reached the age of 18.

    Hillary gave in to Big Pharma when she was the First Lady – essentially ‘sold herself and the country out’ – which has led to massive rate hikes and unabated capitalism/greed/profits for them ever since.

    So, rather than hang our heads in despair, let’s take a more positive and assertive approach. If Bernie is scheduled to speak at a location near you, try to set up a meeting with him. If that isn’t possible, you could always do like the Black Lives Matter group did in Washington – take over the stage where he is scheduled to perform and insist that he give your/our ‘group’ 5-10 minutes to discuss the importance of mental health and how it is NOT related to gun violence – at least not in the way most people seem to think it is. If that approach is too radical, at least have flyers and pamphlets available to give to him/his campaign people – laying out the facts and disputing the myths.

    To me, it is FAR more important for a candidate to be willing to change his/her stance than it is for that candidate to ‘get it right’ straight out of the box. That willingness to LISTEN and then change/do something about it, is political gold. It represents something far more important and vital than whether or not the candidate has the right opinion on something from the very start.

    Just remember – ‘the squeaky wheel always gets the grease’! I would say it is time for our wheels to become extremely squeaky!!

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