1/3 of 1%: the selling of AOT

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Hopeworks Community

Give them credit for being perhaps the most incredible salesmen known.

In New York state approximately 2000 people out of the 675000 people served in the public mental health system are committed to Assisted Outpatient Treatment (AOT). If I have done the math right that is about 1/3 of 1%. New York is the crown jewel of AOT. They put $32,000,000 towards the program each year. According to Linda Rosenberg of the National Council on Behavioral Health Care they put upwards of $125,000,000 each year into improving community services. They understand that it matters what you commit people to.

44 other states have AOT statutes on their books. The salesman of the Treatment Advocacy Center have done an admirable job. In most states though it is not used or very sparingly. It has not been the solution it was promised to be.

More than anything it has been irrelevant. Theā€¦

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