A Murphy Week

 ” I got involved in the mental health field and met so many people hurt so badly who were told there problem was the disease they supposedly had.  I knew that trying to help hurt people had to have something to do with addressing the injustice and hurt in their life and helping them to find new trajectory and new direction when all doors seemed shut.  I didnt think a system content to tell people what was wrong with them without acknowledging and facing the wrong done to them could ever have much of a lasting impact.”

From an earlier post

Today starts a Murphy Week for me.

I  don’t know how many posts about the  Murphy Bill I have written.   In so many ways I  have thought it something so wrong in a system needing something so right.

This is an important time for the Murphy Bill.   It has a real chance to lose… at least for this year.   Congress hearing from you will make a difference.   If you have listened to the presidential debates you know we have no champion waiting in the wings.   We must speak for ourselves.

Over the next week I will repost a couple of Murphy posts a day.   Some talk about politics.   Some talk about features of the bill. Some talk about the ultimate consequences of the bill.   In some sense it will be Murphy A-Z.

My hope is to both inform but to also move people to action.   I  hope you will share these posts with other people.

Thank you very much.


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