On the Myths of the Myths of the Murphy Bill

Day 2,Murphy Week… Last post

Hopeworks Community

Myths about the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR 3717)
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The post above was written by DJ Jaffe of mental illness policy.org. Jaffe is an interesting person. It is his answer to the critics of the Murphy Bill. Jaffe is best I can understand an advertising man by training. His primary qualification as a mental health expert is that he is an advertising man. He sells things and does so superbly.

He is a relentless advocate for Murphy and Torrey, basically functioning as the bad cop of the trio. He has absolutely no hesitation or reluctance to bash the character or motivation of anyone who disagrees with him or Dr. Torrey and does so passionately and aggressively. Before he became an established “mental health expert” his claim to fame was the piece he wrote to family members that if they called the police on…

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