The core beliefs of Murphy

The beginning of a Murphy Week

Hopeworks Community

The Murphy Bill rests on 4 core beliefs. All of the provisions or justifications for the bill in one way or another are based on one or more of these beliefs. All of the beliefs rely on and interact with each other. In some ways it is like a four legged stool. Damage to one leg affects the stability of the whole thing.

1. The “seriously mentally ill” are victimized by a system which ignores their needs, often for the personal gain or agenda of those who work in the system especially “mental health advocates”. This is the conspiratorial leg of the theory. If they can make it stick they marginalize anyone who argues against them.

The simplest question is the most obvious. What does that mean? A lot of code words are used and some translation is needed. Normally when Murphy is talking about services for the “seriously mentally…

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