Mental health vs. Mental illness : where DJ Jaffe is wrong

Day 3….A Murphy Week

Hopeworks Community

Mental Health Advocate vs Mental Illness Advocate : You Decide – Pete Earley
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The above link is to a speech by DJ Jaffe at the New York state Nami Convention. If you have not read it I strongly urge you to read it before you read my post below. Nothing I say will make much sense unless you do.

Jaffe’s basic argument is as I understand really simple. We spend far too much money on people with less serious mental health issues and far too little on people with serious mental illness. That spending has been fueled by the people who have a vested interest in that kind of allocation of resources and the result has been a tragedy of immense social and personal dimensions. Jaffe cites the number of people in jail with mental illness and the number of homeless and says this has been…

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