The Murphy Bill suffers from a lack of connection to reality

Day 3…..a Murphy Week

Hopeworks Community

The article below by John Grohol convincing dismantles the Murphy Bill. He also explains what he likes about the Barber Bill.

The Murphy Bill offers nothing to the mental health system. It believes that the mental health system serves two discrete groups of people: the severely mentally ill and everyone else. He thinks that those in the everyone else category take up far too much money and resources and that much more needs to go to the severely mentally ill. He believes that psychiatric hospitals are seriously underutilized and that many more beds need to be added. He seems to think that the solution to people with “mental illness” in jails is to put them in hospitals. Little of this has any contact with reality. The notion that Medicaid can pay for these beds seriously underestimates the cost of making more beds a reality, the importance of whether or not…

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