An open letter to DJ Jaffe: On a real conspiracy to commit mental health

Day 5….Murphy Week

Hopeworks Community

Dear Mr. Jaffe:

I am astonished by your insistence that you are a mental illness advocate and the way you treat the idea of mental health as a dangerous influence and talk about it in almost conspiratorial terms. Nowhere in any form of medicine that am aware of have I ever heard of anyone being an advocate for a disease and disparage and attack those who try to help those who suffer with that disease. Honestly your distinction seems silly to me. It would be much more honest if you simply said we should have a lot more psychiatric hospitals. Personally I think your quest is tilting at windmills. I can’t imagine the circumstances under which we would move forward to the mental health system of the 1950’s. I don’t think all the inflammatory posts or scary stories in the world will do that. As I said before the psychiatric…

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