The myth of psychiatric hospitalization: more on Murphy madness

Day 5….Murphy Week

Hopeworks Community

People tell me the most popular provision of the Murphy Bill for many congressmen is the idea of increasing the use of psychiatric hospitalization.   It will probably be a budget buster if they try to do,  but the hope on many people’s minds is that a way can be found.

And it is not hard to understand the appeal.   Much of the emotional message of the Murphy Bill is “stop the murders.”   On more than one occasion the claim has been made that had the bill been passed a specific murder might not have happened and the next one may be avoided.   The message is clear.   If only we had a more coercive mental health system this would not be nearly as dangerous of a place to live.   Like the war on drugs Murphy is proposing essentially a war on mental illness.

The war on drugs should give us pause…

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