The watchman… On courage and Atticus as human being

I finished the sequel to “To kill a mockingbird”  tonight and found out that Atticus Finch was by some measures a bigot.  Scout is crushed to find out he is not God.

It is a great book but I believe Scout is not the only one who will be crushed to find out Atticus was not God.  I was.

Without telling you about the plot or spoiling the story I will tell you I think the story was about courage.   Courage is  what gives conscience substance.   It is what makes the things that matter really matter.

Courage is not as we commonly think about how we deal with what we feel like we need to do and the many things that get in the way of that.

I  think courage has as much to do with how we decide what we need to do as anything.   It has to deal with how we make sense of what we need to do.   It has as much to do with how we see as what we see.

It  can have volume but volume is not essential.

It is not about proving a point. It is the point.

We often think it is quite fierce but for most people I think it is much more tentative.

It has a lot to do with knowledge… Knowing about how things are and how things could be.

It doesn’t give you an excuse for not listening to people or not caring what happens to them.

Outrage may be part of courage but it is not courage.

The book has a lot to  say.   I like Atticus better.   I didn’t think I would.


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