The lady on fire

I told some friends tonight about the day I met the lady on fire.

(Her story is very triggering for someone with a history of  violent trauma.   If that is you perhaps you should read no further.)

She had been homeless for about 15 years.   One night she was trapped by a group of men.   They sexually assaulted her and when they were done tried to set her on fire.

She cried a lot that night as she told her story.   I think maybe she cried a lot of nights. Life for her was brutal.

She astounded me at the end. She said she was trying to forgive them. I asked her why. It didn’t make sense.

“It is the best revenge I can find. Life
has to be about more than bad things for them. I want it to be about good things for me. I deserve it and I don’t want them to take that too….. ”

She still has lots of nightmares. People scare her. But days are slowly becoming better days….. And she is trying.

I have never known brutality like she has known. I hope that is true also of you. Everyone though has known some kind of fire.. If you have I hope you find some kind of hope in this story.
However hard, however slow, however unclear the way I wish you luck in putting out the fire. May you in each day and in everything thing you do find an unburning life. Like the lady you deserve better things, better life.


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