People not pills: the redemption of common sense

People not pills.

Common sense is redeemed.

What most people already knew is now scientific truth.

1. People make a difference in other people’s lives. Being listened to makes a difference. Even in the worst of circumstances we are not so damaged that other people don’t make a difference. The “other scientific truth” would tell you that for some people that is not so.

2. People can do better. They can find, develop and maintain a better life.

3. The things that make things better can happen in the community someone lives in. Hospitalization does not meet the long term needs of anyone.

4. Solutions that make life miserable are not for most people solutions. 75% of the people who are prescribed psychiatric medication stop taking it because of the impact it has on their lives.

5. Any solution based on doing something most people won’t do is not a solution. Any system based on that solution is from the get go dysfunctional.

6. The secret to having anybody buy into a system is to have them do less of things that ultimately hurt not more.

7. Teamwork works….especially when we are on the team.

8. Psychiatrists do not have the most important role or have the greatest impact on how well the team does.

9. If anyone tells you it is reprehensible to question “medical wisdom” run. Their picture can be found in the dictionary next to the word reprehensible.

Read all the articles above. The problem with truth that isn’t truth is that it is normally very dangerous. They leave us with a common sense that has very little sense.

Thank God for a new common sense.


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