On fear and bigotry: the other Murphy letter


“Once again our nation has been struck by gun violence. When mass shooters strike there seems to always be a severe mental health issue associated with the criminal engaging in such horrific acts. In fact, research has found that there is a direct link between serious mental illness and violence. By making mental health treatment a priority in America, we can better address these mass shooting situations by preventing them beforehand.”

So starts the other Murphy letter. The link above lays out the story.

If you have not read both letters the post linked above will take you to both. The Democratic letter was actually the second letter and in part at least response to the “other letter.”

The first letter was signed both by democrats and republicans, most I think co-sponsors of the Murphy Bill. The second was by the bulk of the Democrats on the committee actually considering the Murphy Bill.


That is the appeal of the letter of the letter supporting Murphy. “Save us from the crazy people!” Too many people have died. Too many people keep dying. We know whose fault it is. It is a “proven fact…..” Our communities are in danger from those people. Pass the bill (later in the letter they allege the bill will prevent these shootings).

Fear justifies hatred and hatred justifies violence and intimidation. It is called bigotry.

The gloves have been taken off. The new rationale is just a blatant appeal for suspicion and prejudice. Nothing in the paragraph is factual but facts are really irrelevant to this kind of appeal. It is not an appeal to the best parts of our minds but to the lowest parts of our hearts.

The Murphy Bill is as I said before in real trouble. An attack like this shows how much trouble. But it is not dead. Read the letter. It is not dead.

The rest of the letter just piles on the absurdities….”There are 10 million Americans who are suffering from severe mental illness, but millions are going without treatment all because our mental health system is in crisis. Hr 2646….seeks to solve this problem….”

You could write a book just about those 2 sentences…Two brief questions. What about all those who can’t access services because they don’t have health insurance (I may be off in my count but I think Rep Murphy has voted to repeal the ACA over 50 times)? What does the Murphy Bill do for them? And what about those states that have had to cut services due to budget cuts? What does Murphy do for them? How much money is he adding to their budgets?

But how about an even more substantial question. The letter says millions are going without treatment and the Murphy Bill will solve that. How????? By what measure????? What part of his Bill will give treatment to millions who don’t have it? This is all political theater and hateful, misleading nonsense.

They are desperate. Make no mistake. They are in trouble. Make no mistake. But they have not given up and will not. Fear and bigotry have almost become expected political argument and they have not given up.

Contact your legislators. Share the democratic letter with them. Tell them blame and bigotry is not enough for you. Tell them it long past time for solutions that actually address the problems and make things better.

Tell them.



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