Better life is possible

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Manage bad times... Recognize.

Be honest.

See them coming. Maintain perspective.
Don’t  make them bigger than what they  are. They are already big enough.

   Don’t make them longer  than what they are.   They are long enough.

Don’t make them about more than they are. They are about enough right now.

Prevent what you can prevent.   Avoid what you can avoid. Cope with what you can’t.   Survive what  you  can’t cope with.   Learn from it all.

Know that injury  may last longer than the circumstances that bring it. Be patient. 

  Life sometimes sucks but know that doesn’t mean everything in it sucks or that it must suck forever.

Promote good times…. Somethings make it better. Become an expert in those things.

Plan for them.

Do  them on purpose with commitment and  perseverance. 

What you cannot make good make better. Value coping.  Don’t dismiss it lightly.

Value  success…

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