How I was to live……

“I finally realized that cancer was not really about how I was to die but how I was to live….”

A long ago friend

Have you ever been in a space where hard times seem permanent??

Most of us have.

I don’t know if anything is permanent, but sometimes it sure seems that way.

And everything seems about pain and suffering and darkness. And sometimes misery seems to be the only realistic thing.

I am close to there now. I know that bad things are real but they are not the only real things. I know it… I just don’t know if I always believe it.

I like those long ago words. Maybe it is true of everything.

Even at it hardest life is still about the same thing… how are going to live?

What will we make of life?
What will it make of us?

How can we treasure that worth treasure…..
Change that worth change….
And survive that which is neither…


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