The 25th letter: Linda….and insurance miracles

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Hopeworks Community

Dear Senator Ramsey:

This is my 25th letter to you.

You could in a couple of days save as many lives as all the doctors in all the hospitals in the state of Tennessee.

You see….Insurance can be and is a miracle in the lives of countless people.  You and every person in the legislature literally has the chance to be a miracle worker….. or prevent miracles in the lives of people who pray for little else.

Perhaps you have never thought about it or perhaps you have never seen the miracle.  I dont know.  I want to introduce you to such a miracle….Her name is Linda.  She is my wife.

Linda has Tenn Care and it has saved her life.  Without being overly dramatic or emotional it is simply a fact.  It has saved her life.

We have had to fight for it.  On more than one occasion…

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