On being told you are going to die


The picture above is of my friend Tracy. She had just been told by the Tennessee state legislature that as far as they were concerned she could die.

She had come with about 900 other people to Nashville to talk, to walk, to sing, to pray and to ask the legislature to approve Insure Tennessee. She had come to the legislators before they made their mind up about Insure Tennessee to tell them about how women in Tennessee could have a cancer of the wrong spot and she did and how bad she needed them to Insure Tennessee. She found out they had already made up their minds. And as far as they were concerned she could die.

One of the hospitals the legislators said was in it just for the money heard about Tracy and offered her care. And now she is fighting for her life… But she has a fight.

And too many don’t.

The strange thing is it was never an argument about how to care. It was an argument about whether to care or not. It was not an argument about what to do but an argument to do nothing at all.
In a state that has prided itself as being a Republican haven it was a campaign to say that the abandonment of 280,000 of the most vulnerable citizens in this state to illness, destruction and unnecessary and early deaths was somehow virtuous, responsible, and in defense of Tennessee.

The picture is not just of Tracy. Make no mistake it is not just of Tracy. Many, many people found out that their hell, their pain, their trauma and injury somehow didn’t matter. They found out that for many of their legislators they were the cause of a broken system and not its victims. And if needed, like Tracy, they could die.

The next legislative session is approaching and the leaders of the legislature have been blunt. It may be brought up. Perhaps it will be brought up. But it doesn’t really have any hope. It doesn’t have any hope.

Who will be next year’s picture in the hallway?? Is it not yet time for us to be pro-living??

Nothing is without consequence. The article linked below talks about more consequences for Tennessee. What more is needed?

Somethings are not blindness. Somethings are the willful choice to shut your eyes to the suffering around you.

Look again at the picture. What will be the verdict this year?



3 thoughts on “On being told you are going to die”

  1. Reblogged this on Hopeworks Community and commented:

    A couple of days ago the Knoxville City Council voted in favor of a resolution supporting Insure Tennessee. On this Thanksgiving day remember those our legislature has forgotten. Next Thanksgiving let us celebrate the reality of Insure Tennessee.

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