Dear legislature…. I am not sure what to say

Dear legislature:

I feel like there should be something new to say that is ultimately convincing that will convince you to support Insure Tennessee. I don’t know what it is. You have the ability to save more lives, reduce more suffering and pain, have more medical impact than any doctor or hospital in Tennessee. You have the ability to literally be a miracle in the lives of thousands of Tennesseans who long ago gave up on any miracles in their lives. You have a chance to show Tennessee and indeed the entire country that in this state “… life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” does not have an asterisk next to it and that in Tennessee all Tennesseans matter. You have a chance to drastically improve the quality of life on every level for the people of this state. It doesn’t get any better than what is within your power to do.

I don’t know if you lack education about Insure Tennessee or not. I don’t know how many ways to say free… to say safe… to say financial boon and no brainer… I don’t know how to say things differently that you have already heard I don’t know how many times. I hope it is just a matter of education, but forgive me for I mean none of this as personal attack, but how can that be so? How can you not know what this means? And if you truly think this is a bad plan how can you tolerate for one day not having a better one? I really don’t understand that. Please, please help me to understand.

More than anything what I want to say is please, please don’t be afraid. Please know that I know it may be dangerous for you to say yes. I do know that. We need your courage. It is dangerous for so many people in this state for you to say no. Please don’t be scared. This is not about being a good Republican. It is about being a good person and we need you. Please.

The link at the beginning of this is to an earlier post. It talks about verdicts. You will in January give the verdict on the lives of thousands of people you will never meet.

I pray that your deliberations be honest and courageous and I pray…. each and every day I pray… that your verdict be just and merciful.

Larry Drain
Maryville, Tennessee


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