The Unit

Seems appropriate on the verge of the Murphy Bill mark-up

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There is a book you should read that odds are you have never heard of.  It is called “The Unit” and is written by Ninni Holmquist.  It is a quiet, but important masterpiece.

It is a novel set some time in the future- seemingly in a Scandanavian country.  The population has freely decided that some people are worthwhile and some are not.  They are dispensable.  They are the ones who no longer contribute to society.  In the book it is any female over 50 unmarried and without children.  It is any male over 60 unmarried and without children.

It is a book about Dorritt Weger.  She has just turned 50 and has been turned down by a man she was having an affair with.  He says he “might love her” but he doesnt think so.  She goes to the Second Reserve Unit for Biological Material.  There she is to live…

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