Day 1 of the Murphy Mark-up… The battle is set and a first victory

The video shows the opening statements on the Murphy Bill mark-up. Please listen for yourself. The Democrats voice strong opposition and a determination to make changes before any bill is put up for consideration. Rep. Pallone and Rep. Matsui were particularly impressive. But listen for yourself and see what you think.

At least one small victory already. The IMD exclusion repeal looks like it is dead. This was the part of the bill that would increase the use of psychiatric hospitalization by freeing up federal Medicaid funds currently prohibited from paying for hospitalization. The Congressional Budget Office tonight released it’s estimate of cost for this provision. The only way it could take effect is if it was judged budget neutral. The CBO estimates a cost of between $46-66 billion over the next 9 years. The psychiatric hospitalization provision of this bill should be dead.

One down.

Please call if you have not. Tomorrow will be a major battle. Make your voice heard.

Tomorrow is the key but a good start..


One thought on “Day 1 of the Murphy Mark-up… The battle is set and a first victory”

  1. I can’t believe all the crap& lies these “professionals” believe (especially the lies that pretend there is any kind of backup to there being a such thing as mental illness). You people dehumanize. You don’t seek to understand, but to judge and label. So cruel.

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