Day 2…The Murphy Mark-up… On battles and wars

The Murphy Bill is going to get through mark-up.   There are more Republicans than Democrats.   When all the analyzing is done analyzing that is what it comes down to.

If it simply was a matter of a partisan vote one side has more and one side had less.

My take is more than that.   They may indeed win the vote but they may have lost the contest.

Murphy did not just have to win the vote.   He had to win bipartisan.   The comments of Rep. Pallone were the most important ones I heard all day.

Paraphrasing him:  What is the point in passing a bill that will never become law?… Just to say a bill was passed?  It is already clear that for a bill to pass the Senate the kind of concerns that the Democrats in this committee have raised will have to be addressed.   It may pass the House. There are more Republicans… But to what purpose?   And who really believes the administration is going to look favorably on a partisan Republican bill on such an important topic??

Like I said that was a paraphrase but I think it was the gist of what he and every Democratic speaker said.

As far as I know every Democratic amendment was voted down on party lines.   I didn’t listen to all of it and may have missed something (I hope I did)  but it kind of looks like one of those things that the vote was taken before the discussion.

One way or another this will not play out all the way until the end of the spring.   The House being so partisan makes it more likely that the Senate will strive to  not be.   And that will matter in the final product. Murphy may have helped define the context of the Senate discussion in a way he did not want to.

Murphy lost some shine today.   He lost some shine he will badly need in the future.  And perhaps the momentum set today will come to be a victory of high cost.

Remember it is a war and not a battle.   Keep speaking out.   Loudly and often.  I don’t know how the day will end but remember the process is as important as the product.

Don’t let the fact that you did not convince Republicans to not be Republicans fool you. The dissents raised today mattered and your voice was heard.

Until the next round…


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