Is the Murphy Bill just another repeal of the ACA

The Republicans in the House of Representatives have repealed the ACA over 50 times.   They didn’t do it because it mattered. They did it because they could.   They had the numbers.   It didn’t matter what the Democrats said.   It didn’t change anything then and still hasn’t. It confirmed for many people how much time the House spent doing things that didn’t matter simply because they could.

The Murphy Bill made it out of the subcommittee not because of any great consensus.   It made it out because it could.   There were more Republicans than Democrats and if that was the way they wanted to win it was a dead sure certainty they would.   The Democrats who felt they were never heard in the development of the bill and  tried to make sure they were heard in the markup.   I think 37 amendments were proposed.   Maybe 1 was agreed to. I am not sure. The Republicans won because they could.

Rep. Pallone was very eloquent.   “Why pass a bill that won’t matter?”   If you don’t address the concerns likely to be voiced in the Senate or in the White House what have you really done?

The challenge facing the Republicans is not to pass the Murphy Bill.   Barring something really strange they can if they want to.   If they want a bill they can probably have a bill.   The real issue is in passing that bill they do more than simply repeal the ACA.

Their real challenge is how not to listen to people they don’t want to listen to say things they don’t want to hear and have it not matter. Rep. Upton has said he hopes Democratic concerns will be listened to before the bill goes to the full committee. He can make them be listened to. He schedules both when the bill goes to the committee and probably also when it would go to the full House.

Contact him again. Tell him you want more than partisanship. Tell him you want all voices to be heard and all voices to matter. Tell him you want your voice to matter.

Tell him we have a broken system that needs change and repealing the ACA one more time is just not good enough.


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