The dilemma of “responsible mental health advocacy”

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From the archives:

The Tim Murphy Mental Health Reform Act (“TorreyCare” ???) has a lot of goodies in it.  It provides for funding of a bunch of ideas that have a lot of merit:  The excellence in mental health care act, mental health first aid, and reauthorization of funds for suicide prevention chief among them.  The operative question is at what cost.

There has always been a tension in mental health advocacy between the needs of providers and large organizations and the needs of consumers or persons with lived experience.  “Respectable” organizations tend to believe that what is good for mental health providers is good for mental health.  To an undeniable degree that is true.  The health of helpers is related to the degree of help they can provide.  But they are not the same.  The problem with the mental health system is not that the voice of mental health…

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