On finding a better life : some fundamental beliefs

Based on an earlier post….

On the fundamental beliefs of finding a better life :

1.Nothing can happen good enough to make a difference………………….. A better life is possible…….

Hope vs hopelessness

2. I can help make life better……. Nothing I do matters…….

Empowerment vs helplessness

3. I can learn what I need to learn in order to make life better…… I am incompetent. I continue to make the same old mistakes time after time…

Capability vs incompetence

4.. People support and encourage me. It matters to them that I matter….. No one cares…..

Connection vs. Isolation

5. It matters. My life has meaning and purpose. Who I am matters. How I live matters. Who I care about and who cares about me matters…. There is no point. Nothing holds water. Nothing is true….

Meaning vs no-sense


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