Rep. Ryan, mental health and the Republican agenda : a clarification on a previous post

If you have not read the article above I hope you do.  It gives me a chance to clarify a point made on an earlier post. ( “God is not going to solve this…. Neither is Tim Murphy” Many people reminded me that many Democrats have signed on in support of the Murphy Bill. I understand that clearly but had little to do with the point I was making. The Murphy Bill has come to have a strongly partisan Republican purpose. It is about much more than mental health. Because it has met so much resistance as a mental health reform package it is being packaged also as part of the Republican answer to gun violence and in the current climate the pressure to act on it as such will only grow. The remarks of Rep. Ryan in the above article are clear on this.

The effort to scapegoat the “mentally ill” as being the source of gun violence
in the United States is real and right now one of the the greatest threats to people with lived experience there is. The NRA owns more than Republican politicians but as a party only the Republicans have went to bed with them and the need for people to speak about gun violence as not a mental health issue is real and pressing. The position of the two parties is not the same and it seems clear to me that the Murphy Bill has come to be even more dangerous than many of us thought.

Let me ask an admittedly rhetorical question. Suppose the Murphy Bill is passed at least in part as part of the Republican answer to gun violence. We all know it will not affect gun violence. Once the door is open and we officially blame the “mentally ill” for that problem what happens next? What follows the Murphy Bill? What is the next step? Is this really a road we want to walk down??


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